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Aberdeenshire Schoolkids Scoop Top Prize in Nationwide Competition

Schoolchildren attending Fetterangus Primary School near Peterhead have won first prize in a competition that challenged schools across the UK to devise a clever way to get people to recycle more glass. The competition was part of a nationwide programme created by British Glass and the National Schools Partnership to educate children about the 100% recyclability and sustainable benefits of glass packaging.

The winning entry, submitted by a group of 5 to 12-year olds drawn from across the school at Fetterangus, featured a video of the children performing a new recycling-themed version of ‘Ten Green Bottles’.

Mr Nik James, Head Teacher at Fetterangus commented: “The idea for the video came about organically through discussions with their Pupil Support Assistants Mrs Will and Mrs Whyte, so it’s been a real collaborative effort. Making the video was quite a challenge as it was filmed using a new unfamiliar camera and it had to be done all in one take. The one we submitted was actually the third take. I think everyone was keeping their fingers crossed we could make it through without a hitch – which thankfully we did!”

The Glass Guardians programme uses fun and absorbing activities to help children learn everything there is to know about glass, such as how it is made and why it is such a useful and resourceful material. Over 150,000 children throughout the UK have participated in the programme during 2019, which has proved to be very popular. “At Fetterangus, Glass Guardians has helped the children practice lots of skills such as research and leadership. It’s been a great vehicle for learning” says Nik.

Other schools participating in Glass Guardians also report how the programme has been a good way for children to apply Maths, Science and English skills to an absorbing topic. Lucy Tappin, Trainee Teacher at Pensby Primary School in the Wirral said: “We had been about to start learning statistics so learning statistics in the context of glass, what it’s made of, its recyclability and reusability and so on was very interesting for them.”


The first prize of £500 worth of Schools Vouchers was presented by Aberdeenshire East MSP, Gillian Martin, who commented:

“I would like to congratulate Fetterangus Primary School on this fantastic achievement. The children have presented an important and creative message that is a reminder to us all about the benefits of glass packaging and the importance of choosing alternatives to single-use plastic. I am delighted to present the children and teachers involved with their well-deserved top prize.”


Victoria Adams, Communications Manager at British Glass commented “We’ve had so many great entries to the competition it was hard to choose a winner, but in the end, we couldn’t resist the video from Fetterangus. It was so creative and fun and really gets across the glass recycling message. In fact, it has been encouraging to see across the whole Glass Guardians programme how important being environmentally responsible is to all the children. We should all take heart from that’.